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3-in-1 Potty Chair by Luvdbaby

Luvdbaby 3 in 1 Potty and Toilet Training System

Let your potty grow with your child’s toilet training journey with this ingenious design.

Potty Training Stage

As your little one begins potty training, this system is a perfect start. They can sit in comfort on the rubberised toilet seat that covers the bowl while both of you wait in hope.

When your little one has finished, the bowl can be lifted out, emptied in the loo and cleaned.

The potty also has a lid to keep everything discrete when other mum’s and dad’s pop into the loo after a well-deserved coffee break.

With the lid down, this makes an awesome step stool to allow them to step up and wash their hands in the sink.

Toilet Training Stage

As your child progresses from the potty stage to the adult toilet, the toilet seat can be removed and placed on the toilet.

The seat is safe and comfy with a rubber finish on the top side and a grip material on the bottom to prevent sliding around.

Then your child can use the potty with the lid down to step up to the toilet.

The 3-in-1 Luvdbaby potty and toilet system comes with a lifetime guarantee. If you are not happy in any way, let us know and we will refund you. So go on, treat your child’s tiny bum to some comfort.

100% Lifetime Warranty


COMFY NON-SLIP TOILET TRAINING SEAT: the seat is removable and a perfect size to fit most standard toilets. Comfortable top and non slip bottom.


STURDY BABY STEP STOOL: simply put the lid down to have a safe sturdy step stool. Your child can use it to reach the sink or the full size toilet.


 This potty chair was made with you parents in mind too. The inner potty can be removed and taken to the loo for easy emptying. 


Use as a potty as they begin their toilet training Journey. Then use as a step stool for washing hand and climbing onto the adult’s toilet. Use the included toilet training seat to help them use the loo itself

Funky Design

This 3-in-1 potty Comes in two fantastic Colour schemes and they both have a crown on the lid to entice your prince or princess to sit on their throne.

Removable Tub

The easy to remove container for simple and clean emptying. This means you dont have to move the bulk of the potty at all to empty it.

Cool Colours

The Luvdbaby 3-in-1  potty comes in two colour schemes.  Pink and green or Electric Blue and Pink

The potty it self is very sturdy unlike some other i no, when my little on sits on it it doesn’t tip or lean made with strong plastic. The lid is a great and feels as if it will not come loose or even full of like a old potty i had brought.
You have a little pot bit that holds there messy business so you dont have carry the hole potty just the tray which is a big help and makes things easier.
This potty will save you money in the long run as its sturdy and you will not have to buy more than one due to it and you can move the inner bit to the big toilet for them to start using that, the potty itself is none slip so you could even use that as a step to get on the big loo to.
Have already recommended to a friend who was here when it arrived she loved it as much as me and even said shes is gonna take it when im not looking


Not this potty is the potty of all potties and trust me I know my potties my and my daughter have been through enough . This potty is very inviting to a little one as it looks like mum and daddy big potty . It’s bright colours and lid is a fab idea it hides the surprised they leave you . Inside the potty is a toilet seat you can move up the the big toilet when the child is ready and with the lid down can act as a step stool as its nine slip . The toilet seat has a nice silicon type rim so nit so cold and slippery . There’s a internal tray to cat the wee and pooh and easy to take out and clean without splilling and you don’t have to lift the whole thing . My daughter used this toilet as soon as I got it she stripped of and was so pleased with herself . She’s been so good today without telling me she’s been as soon as she got up she used the potty shut the lid and I found the surprise later on


When we saw this we knew we had to buy it, it is stunning and includes a toilet training seat. There is an integrated slash guard to ptrvent any spills. This 3 in 1 potty trainer has a non slip skid surface with a removeable waste bowl which makes cleaning very easy. The toilet seat fits our toilet and should fit almost every toilet out there. What is really nice is the trainer adapts with our child’s development and the seat is super comfortable. Super quality and thus beats almost every seat we have seen no looked set out in the market today. Top notch packaging, very professional service from an outstanding company who know how to give service excellence to its customers! Staff have superior communication skills, we can highly recommend business with this Superior Company!

D & A

To all new Mums this is a brilliant all in one unit and is well worth the investment. I stupidly bought all 3 as separates, in addition I’ve also gone through a few more potties, due to them either being too small or at worst flimsy or to big for disposal into a toilet.

The design of this potty has definitely been well thought through, best part being the disposal pot, which lets face it is the nasty bit us Mums hate trying to get the contents of an oversized potty down the toilet without hassle. The slim design of the waste disposal is by far one of the best baby/toddler toilets I’ve come across on the market. Actually looks like a toilet from the seat down and the disposal is brilliant with this.

The fact that it opens to look like a mini toilet is good for advancing to the grown up toilet, brilliant for little minds and makes sense rather than sitting on w plastic moulded traditional type potty ;). It’s thick, solid, strong and sturdy little toilet and the lid is love that once it’s close its then a step for her to use or a seat for when she wants to be my shadow when I’m in the bathroom.

I like the colours too, pink/green blue/pink. I got the pink/blue it’s really lovely and bold very striking/inviting for a little one. It’s great for when advancing to the big toilet the simply adapt it by using it as a stepper and the toilet trainer seat. This really is a great bit of kit for the advancing toddler