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Undyed Organic Toddler Pillow by Luvdbaby

Our kids toddler pillow is a luxurious addition for you and your child.

Lovingly designed with 100% organic cotton that is not dyed. Cotton grows naturally in a small number of colours which allows us to do fun stripes.

Our ‘Cotton Range’ was conceived to protect your child with no harmful chemicals often used to dye baby fabric products. As a small family business, we didn’t want to sell a child’s product that we wouldn’t be happy to put near our own children’s skin.

The filling is made from fluffy micro-fibre polyester that is comfortable and machine washable. In fact, the sleeve on the pillow is removable for a quick rinse but the entire pillow can be washed in cold water and line dried flat when the need arises.

The pillow is a perfect size for your toddler (20 inch x 11 inch x 6 inch at the pillow head). It’s ideal for your traveling toddler as it fits in most cribs, cots and beds and can also be used in your car.

The neutral undyed colour also means it is suitable for both boys and girls.

The loveable pet pillow has a dog or cat head, with the feet and little tail that is a cute addition that will make you and your toddler smile.

The pillow also comes in a cotton bag that means the pillow can be stored and put away for next time.

Treat yourself and your precious bundle to the softest cutest toddler pillow on Amazon.


UN-DYED COTTON PILLOWCASE: Protect your toddler in confidence. No harmful dyes used at all our pillow


Our organic cotton pillow is designed to resemble a cute Cat or Dog. Your little one will love it and want to go straight to sleep


100% PREMIUM POLYESTER: We have used fluffy polyester filling in our pillows to ensure your little one will sleep in comfort


Our organic cotton kids pillow is about 20 inches long, 11 inches wide and about 3.5 inches tall where your precious one lays their little head. The perfect height for your toddlers neck support


Your pillow comes in a lovely carry bag that means your little one can travel with it wherever they go.

The parcel arrived and when I opened it up I saw this cute little smile and 2 paws peeping out of the cotton protector bag . This little sleeping cat has a grey coloured patch over one eye and a lovely embroidered face with a small silky nose.

On removing him from his cotton drawstring bag I was struck by just how soft and squidgy he is, the micro fibre polyester feels amazing and certainly ideal for baby, toddler and even adult to cuddle into, (yes I have done this a few times)!

The material is 100% natural cotton, no dyes, no bleaching just pure and gentle fabric, is worthy of any nursery, I like the colours as they are subtle and the whole item is just made to the highest quality. All the stitching is extremely tidy and secure.

The stripy sleeve surrounding the pillow is a great way to protect it, cleaning and drying the sleeve will be easier than drying out the entire pillow although everything can be washed in cold water and lied flat to dry it out. It does seem a real shame to get it dirty at all but it would be a waste not to let the little ones get the benefits of this pillow.

This is probably my favourite baby purchases so far, its unique and fantastic quality.

Mrs. C

Oh this is so cute. We have the dog one and my son adores it. It’s so soft and squishy and had a removable piece of fabric around the middle to make washing easy. Love luvdbaby. Fab company. Never disappointed with their products x


The whole family have been fighting over whose turn it is to sleep with it next ! Its comfortable, cosy and almost doubles as a teddy. So cute!

Amazon Customer

Well made in soft material that is comfy to rest your head against, it fits snuggly around the belt and is a perfect length to hug and fall asleep on.The Children were delighted with this item.
It was Much bigger than expected
Very bright cheerful and soft to cuddle
My Daughter loves this as do all her friends and her older brother and all his friends! Shame they don’t do a plain one instead of a character as it’s only targetting very young children and would definitely get one for my older son as they are amazingly comfy for resting or sleeping on long journeys.