Premium Baby Lounger – 100% Un-Dyed Organic Cotton Cover – Cushion for Boys and Girls

  • UNDYED ORGANIC COTTON COVER: 100% Organic Un-Dyed Cotton outer cover. Protect your baby in confidence. No harmful dyes used at all so your baby lounger is completely hypoallergenic to their new little skin. It’s also breathable and washable
  • REASSURINGLY HIGH WALLS FOR SAFETY: The safe high walls allow your baby to stay safe in the position you place them in. Your baby will not roll out or you will not roll on top of them when co-sleeping
  • BABY LOUNGER / CO-SLEEPER / SLEEP POSITIONER: Our lounger is incredibly versatile. Use when co-sleeping, for little naps, for tummy time and as a sleep positioner
  • PERFECT SIZE FOR NEW BORNS TO EIGHT MONTHS: At 35 inches x 18 inches, our baby cushion is larger than most and can still be used comfortably as your baby grows
  • PORTABLE: Our baby lounger comes with a bonus carry bag for when you are travelling. The lounger itself is light enough to be moved from bedroom to nursery to play room

Versatile Baby Lounger with 100% Un-Dyed Organic Cover – Use as Lounger, Sleep Positioner and Co-Sleeper

Our new born baby lounger is a luxurious addition for you and your baby. Ideal for use in the nursery, bedrooms or in any room for sleeping, naps and tummy time.

Lovingly designed with a 100% organic cotton washable cover that is not dyed. Cotton grows naturally in a small number of colours which allows us to do fun stripes.

Our ‘Cotton Range’ was conceived to protect your child with no harmful chemicals often used to dye baby fabric products. As a small family business, we didn’t want to sell a child’s product that we wouldn’t be happy to put near our own children’s skin.

The lounger is made from safe polyester that provides the perfect softness for comfort while still hard enough to support your sleeping baby.

The baby cushion is a perfect size for a new born to 8 months old (35 inch x 18 inch).

It’s ideal for tummy time and has safe high walls so Mum and Dad can lie with their bundle of joy in bed.

The neutral undyed color also means you can buy in advance of the special day as it’s great for baby boys and girls.

The non-toxic baby lounger also comes in a handy cotton bag that means the lounger can travel with you, whenever you leave the home.

Treat yourself and your precious bundle to a luxurious safe baby lounger.