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Now you can Carry Your Bags, Push Your Stroller, and Attend To Your Children, Without Losing Control

Do you own a stroller and love a healthy walk with your child?

Find that with shopping, nappy and hand bags, it is awkward to walk, carry bags and push your stroller simultaneously?

Would you like a specially designed product that adds bag carrying functionality to virtually any pram, stroller or buggy?

Luvdbaby have created a set of multi-purpose Stroller Hooks, allowing you to secure the Hooks to a stroller and attach the handles of your carrier bags, freeing your hands for safe, easy operation of your stroller!

The benefits don’t end there! The Hooks can be easily used with a range of items using the included versatile strap. Use the Hooks with car headrests, bicycles or even wheel chairs to keep your bags secure and your hands free!

The Stroller Hooks can be simply swivelled to suit the angle of hanging for super convenience! Attach to the back of a car headrest to transform into an awesome clothes, bag or storage hanger!

Check the benefits:

• Adds four flexible storage hooks (2 on each unit) to virtually any pram

• Swivel headed design allows for hanging whatever the position

• Secure strap, can easily attach to a range of seats, from strollers to pushchairs

• Use with a range of items, from shopping bags to clothes for excellent organizing

• Carry shopping and bulky items, while freeing hands for full, safe stroller control.

If you’re looking for the best solution to carrying bulky bags and using a stroller, and you want a high quality hooked solution that can hold a range of items and transform virtually any seat, the Luvdbaby Stroller Hooks are perfect for you!


CONVENIENT EXTRA SROEAGE S: Our 2 Pack of Stroller Hooks adds 4 strong, super convenient hooks to hold your items while walking with a stroller!


Unlike standard pram hooks, the Luvdbaby design has 2 strong deep hooks on each one. This gives you increased carrying capacity and more flexibility


STRONG ADJUSTABLE VELCRO STRAPS: Use the super strong Velcro straps to add hooks to any pram, car headrest or wheelchair


Attach the hooks and use to carry awkward, bulky or larger bagged items, freeing both your hands for full, safe control of your stroller at all times! You will wonder how you ever managed without these!


CONVENIENT SWIVEL HEAD DESIGN: The Stroller Hooks have heads that swivel independently, allowing you to select the most convenient, secure hanging angle for your every need

I purchased these pram hooks as I have recently purchased a new stroller and id doesnt have the separate handles like my previous one (I didnt consider this at the time) but I do walk to do my food shopping and usually put the bags over the handles, so I was stuck until I saw these.


These Pram Hooks do exactly what they are supposed to do. When they arrive they come in a clear plastic pack with cardboard backing and the seller you a little bag of sweets, which is a nice thing to do…This hooks are perfect for hanging on the handles of your pram or pushchair, they can be used for other things as well, the hooks are attached by strong Velcro wraps, so anything that the straps can wrap around the hooks can be used on, I have used mine in the car wrapping the hooks around the headrest…I think there is many more places these can be used. overall they are good hooks and they also swivel round giving you better access to hang more items unlike the rigid ones…. Perfect hooks, deserved 5 stars.


Crikey why have I not had these before.

I’ve got three kids and I mind my friends daughter. As I walk everywhere the pram/buggy is essential. As you can imagine the bottom of the buggy doesn’t hold much. I’ve been trying bags of my shopping to the sides of the buggy. Then found myself ripping the bags to get them off the buggy. Now with these great gadgets I don’t need to rip bags.

These are attached to buggy by Velcro. Very sturdy.


These pram hooks are a really great buy.
I bought these pram hooks because I have a 14 month old and a five year old at school, and although my amazing pushchair has a huge storage basket underneath it always annoys me every day when I have to bend down and reach into the bottom of the pushchair to get my son’s book bag and lunch bag (and sometimes PE kit) because I have a bad lower back. So these pram hooks are the perfect solution because now I can hang my son’s book bag and lunch bag on these pram hooks and they are easily accessible for both of us.
The quality of these pram hooks is impressive, they are so well made and look really smart. They are very sturdy and although I wouldn’t like to overload my pushchair’s handle with weighty bags I think these could withstand a fair weight. They are so easy to fit, it took me less than a minute to fit them both. Each hook is a double hook so effectively to get four hooks in this pack, what a bargain!
I am really happy with this product and will definitely recommend them to my mummy and daddy friends!