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Changing Pad Liners – 3 Pack with Gift Bag by Luvdbaby

Our changing pad liners are a must-have for all new parents. Made from 100% organic cotton that is not dyed. Cotton grows naturally in a small number of colours which allows us to do fun stripes.

Our ‘Cotton Range’ was conceived to protect your child with no harmful chemicals often used to dye baby fabric products. As a small family business, we didn’t want to sell a child’s product that we wouldn’t be happy to put near our own children’s skin.

Our changing pad liners are made extra big to give you more space to change your little one in comfort. They measure 28″ x 20″.

The silky soft organic cotton gently protects your baby’s soft skin while the TPU backing is completely waterproof to keep spills from seeping through.

The 3 pack of liners are completely washable and can be stored in the reusable gift bag when not in use.

Treat yourself and your precious bundle to the softest and largest changing pad liners on Amazon.

Extra Large

Changing Pad Liners: 28″ x 20″, extra wide and extra long to prevent spillages while you change your little one

Un-dyed Organic Cotton

No harmful dyes so you can lay your baby down in confidence.

3 Pack

Allows you to always have a fresh one to hand while you wash the used ones

100% Waterproof Backing

Prevent leaks and spills with our reliable TPU backing

Handy Storage Bag

Our liners are presented in a reusable cotton bag that is great for storage and makes these a great baby shower gift

This is the second type of changing pad liner I have purchased, and I have to say that there are things I definitely like more about this brand than the other brand I received. For one, the fact that these are undyed, 100% cotton is a huge bonus, as they won’t hurt a baby’s sensitive skin. For another, the tops of these are made of a smooth, decorative material. The other brand has a bamboo material which tends to snag on occasion, and would soak up and retain messes rather than the messes simply sitting on top. This is both good and bad, due to this brand not being quite as absorbant as the other brand but also being a bit easier to get messes off of.
The backing of these is a thinner waterproof material, but it still does a fairly good job of not allowing any liquids through. They held up nicely so far in the washer and dryer, although I would be careful as to how you wash any waterproof material. You are not supposed to use bleach, and you should avoid excess heat by drying on low. Giving them a rinse ahead of time if they are really messy definitely helps with the cleaning process. They have had no loose stitching or damage to the materials as of yet.
These fit my changing pad fairly well (I have a standard summer infant pad,) but are a tiny bit shorter than the length of the pad. I don’t find this to be too big of an issue as the majority of the baby (including the messy parts) will be on the liner either way. These are great to have around if you know your baby has had a blow out or really messy diaper, as it saves you having to wash and wipe down your entire pad. They are also nice to use for a sick baby in a swing or car seat to prevent messes, or as a spare changing pad in your car or on the go. They are nice and gender neutral and come in a really nice bag, so they would also make a great baby gift! All opinions stated here are entirely my own and are given after thorough testing and inspection of the product.


We love this Luvdbaby brand – we love this product as does baby Enzo!
We are passionate about the environment and the un-dyed cotton is the gentlest way we can care for our little baby and our planet. That the manufacturer has used two different shades of un-dyed cotton in this liner to also offer us great eye-catching design is outstanding and a step that other manufacturers would have omitted.
These liners are extra long and wide and we use them all of the time and in many different situations, hotels, shopping mall baby changing facilities, in the car, on the beach and at home (sofa, changing mat, bed, and on the fireside rug) – we always have these on hand as second to a diaper they are essential for baby Enzo. As you can imagine these liners get washed frequently and after many washes they are as good as the day we unwrapped them.

We also like that these are safe for our baby to play with as there’s no dangerous flaps, attachments or things he could get into trouble with.
We have bought all of the baby care range from Luvdbaby and recently we also bought the rear facing car baby mirror – also an excellent product! Here’s the link:

Baby Back Seat Mirror – Free Car Sun Shades 2 Pack – Baby Car Mirror Rear Facing for Headrest

The baby scene is a difficult and cluttered space across all retail and we’re happy to have found Luvdbaby for our baby care needs. Many thanks.


These changing pad liners are a great option for all parents of babies and toddlers. They are 100% organic, come in a handy three pack, and are reusable. They have a nice cotton top and the underside is a waterproof liner. All three changing pads are a different shade, but they are a nice neutral color so suitable for both boys and girls. It comes with a bag to keep them in which can be used at home for storage but it also useful in a diaper bag to contain a liner or two.
They are very soft even right out of the package and get softer after washing. They are slightly smaller than a changing pad which doesn’t concern me as they are more than large enough to cover the table for both my newborn and toddler. They are very useful at home to keep a soft spot for baby, and even more useful while out and about. Too many times I have gone to use a changing table while out and about and it looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in ages. These are great to put over the changing table to keep a nice clean spot for baby.


These are so convenient to lay across the changing pad, or any surface, while I change my baby girl. I was using a fitted diaper pad cover, but this is so much easier to use. I still have the fitted cover on the changing pad, but now I throw one of these on top of it. These can easily be tossed in the wash when dirty and I just grab another one to set out. These have been washing and drying well these last couple months. They have kept their shape and color nicely. This is a great idea for a baby shower or busy mom!

Also, these don’t take up much room, so I throw one in my diaper bag.