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Want to protect your child and have a more comfortable journey?

Luvdbaby’s Cling Sunshades are just what you need

Our sun shades will blocks over 90% of Harmful UV Rays while still allowing you and your child to see out the window

At 19 inches x 12 inches our shades will fit most car windows

No horrible suction cups that rarely hold car shades in place. Our shades use static to hold them in place and can be easily repositioned as needed

When not in use, our shades are easily twisted and stored in the plastic pouch they ship in.

These Premium Luvdbaby Car Sun Shades are backed by our Lifetime “Hassle-Free” Replacement Guarantee! 

  • ★ SAFETY FIRST: the Luvdbaby Cling Car Sunshades for Baby blocks over 90% of Harmful UV Rays
  • ★ CARRY THEM IN COMFORT: allow your kids to travel in comfort by shielding them from the sun’s glare. At 19″ x 12″ our shades will block most of the light
  • ★ CLEVER DESIGN: our sunshades are designed with a mesh on one side to shield your passengers from the sun’s strong light and a static material on the other side that clings securely to the rear door windows
  • ★ HASSLE FREE INSTALLATION: no unreliable suction cups here. Simply place the shades where you need them and apply a little pressure, and let the static do it’s thing
  • ★ EASY STORAGE: when it’s not sunny, simply twist the shades back into small circular disks and pop back into the plastic envelope they shipped in

100% Lifetime Warranty


Simply place the shades where you need them and apply a little pressure, and let the static do it’s thing


Our sunshades are designed with a mesh on one side and a static material on the other side that clings securely to  windows


The Luvdbaby Cling Car Sunshades for Baby blocks over 90% of Harmful UV Rays

Great car sun shades!!

Summer arriving and as my boys have very sensitive skin I am always looking around for extra protection. Here in London the traffic is bad and sometimes a simple course to the school or supermarket can take an hour or over, exposing their skin to the bad sun rays…. (in particular when it is lunch time!)

I was really needing a cling sun shade as my car didn’t have one anymore. The last one was in the last legs and went to the bin.

Our parcel arrived fast, wrapped in a standard silver plastic bag.

The product is presented into a strong clear plastic envelope with 2 click clack buttons, which you can reuse to keep the product when it is not in use. It is also extra protected into a hard card where you will find the item’s features, folding instructions and company details. – it is very simple and easy to fold and unfold anyway.

This pack contains 2 cling sun shades. The quality is much superior than the ones I had before and considering it all, it is not a bad price.

I tried on as soon as I received the pack. As I drive a ‘truck’ it is smaller than my windows as expected, but I imagine if you drive a normal/ standard sized vehicle it will be even better.

The best thing about this shades is that different than the cheap ones, you don’t use a claw or a clip, but it is made of a premium mesh like and the back an adherent plastic, which you will cling to your car windows.

When I opened my parcel I was surprised really… there was a little gift… and funny enough it is my son’s favourite candy! Nice touch! *** Thank You ***

I highly recommend to every one who drives with the precious little ones on the back sit. Excellent product; Fantastic company. Five stars from me.

SummerExcellent Product and arrived fast & with a free gift! Nice touch!

I have ordered these luvdbaby Car Sun Shades for my brother kids and was delivered through prime the following day and the packing was decent and well protected and the shades were twisted and placed into the plastic pouch where there were no instruction manual and to my wonder there were no suction caps.
Below are my observations:
The sunshades were a twin pack and the shades looked bit crimpled and shiny when I opened and was not sure that it had a mesh towards one side and the other side was an antistatic film which made it looked crimpled and shiny and I just took it out of the pack and cleaned the window and stuck it against the window no hassle of suction caps and it comes of if we pull back and sticks back easily once we stick again to the glass this is good thinking about the seller as we tend to lose the suction caps most of the time and becomes difficult to the stick once lost.
The shades measure around 19” x 12” which almost covers every car window and they have a transparent view which makes it easy for the kids to view outside unlike they frigid with the sunshades and try to get rid of the them.
These shades are giving optimal protection as we tried it the other day when it was 24 degrees and the kids liked it and more over they protect the kids from exposing to the dangerous uv light especially in eurozone where the ozone layer is tarnished and would not recommend any one getting exposed to the sunlight directly for long time .
Overall great sunshade great material, easy to apply and does solve the purpose and sold at a decent price with a lifetime hassle free replacement guarantee what else can we expect as this gives high confidence in the seller where my brother was highly impressed with the sunshades.

vamshidhar vummanafab sunshades great value for money and does solve the purpose.

I bought these new car shades for my children. We often keep travelling so I needed to protect my kids from sun rays, which consisted of the harmful UV rays which causes cancer if exposed a lot to the skin and nowadays due to the pollution the ozone layer which protects the earth from UV rays is also depleting. So, using these shades is not only beneficial to children but everyone.

These sun shades even protect us from glares which harm our eyes a lot. The best thing I found is that placing this shades is easier than I thought. These shades have static material on one side, which easily sticks to the car window. The size of the shade is also good that is 19*12 which is perfect. Storing these shades is very simple, we just need to fold these shades as instructed and put them in the pouches given.

They come neatly packed and match exactly with the sellers description, I would definitely buy again from this seller. This is the best sun shades I ever purchased.


The sunshade arrived extremely quickly; less than 3 days in fact! This surprised me, and so did how neatly they were packaged. I was expecting a rather large parcel for these to come in. Instead, conveniently, the pair were both folded up into a small bag which is great! Personally, I think that this is quite clever, because it will help save space when not needed. Fantastic!

The product itself, I believe, is quite innovative. Instead of using suction cups, which quite frankly can be quite irritating(!), this uses static to help stick onto the screen. This is quite cool and different. It also means that you don’t get the odd suction mount stain left on the windows after it’s been used. I still find it stunning the way that it simply sticks onto my windows like magic! I’ve wanted to get sunshades for a while now, as a cheaper (and potentially less regretful) alternative to tinting my rear windows and I’ve found that these make the rear sufficiently dark enough on the inside to lower the temperatures to something that isn’t unbearable anymore. I’ve also found that it has made it much more difficult for strangers to peer inside the rear of my car now, which is good as I tend to leave stuff in view by accident. Oops!

I’ve played numerous games with rear seat passengers over the last week, asking them how they thought it was attached to the screen. Responses ranged from ‘wizardry’ and ‘sorcery’, to things such as ‘it’s been glued on’. When all of them were finally told about how it was actually put in place, all of them were surprised and gobsmacked; they all wanted one for themselves after this.

And so, there concludes my review. It fits perfectly in my car, fulfils its intended role of ‘shading’ the car in hot weather but does it in a different and innovative way. It doubles up as a privacy shade too, which is super. Overall then, I will recommend this product whole-heartedly and will recommend this to anyone.

P.SFantastic Product That Is Different To Others!