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Burp Cloths – 4 Pack – Undyed Organic Cotton – Neutral Colour Burping Cloths for Baby Boys and Girls

Undyed Organic Cotton
Our new baby burp cloths are a soft luxurious addition for you and your baby.

Lovingly designed with 100% organic cotton that is not dyed. Cotton grows naturally in a small number of colours which allows us to do fun stripes.

Our ‘Cotton Range’ was conceived to protect your child with no harmful chemicals often used to dye baby fabric products. As a small family business, we didn’t want to sell a child’s product that we wouldn’t be happy to put near our own children’s skin.

Perfect Size
Our burp cloths are 20 inches long and 9 inches wide which we have found to be the perfect size for coverage for those wee burps and spills without too much overhang

Why a 4 Pack?
We believe 4 burp cloths will allow you to have plenty on hand for your baby’s feeds. You should always have one on hand while others are in the wash

Very Absorbent
With 2 layers of soft organic cotton the spills with be soaked up easier while still protecting your cloths

Free Storage Bag
Your burp cloth set ships in a handy storage bad that can be kept in the nursery or can easily pop into a nappy bag or hand bag while you and your child are out and about


Always have a spare burp cloths on hand after feeding your precious little one with our 4 pack of baby burp cloths


No harmful dyes are used in any of our organic cotton products so you can get your baby’s wind up in comfort and confidenc


20″ x 9″, extra wide and extra-long to prevent spills while you burp your little one


Your burp are presented in a reusable cotton bag that is great for storage and makes these a great baby shower gift


Each burp cloth is made from two layers of organic cotton for extra absorption to protect your cloths

These turned up the day after I ordered them, even though my amazon account still states they’re out for delivery, so I cannot fault delivery times!

The quality of these burp cloths are like nothing I have seen before. For something that is basically going to be covered, non-stop, in dribble and puke,these are like luxury! They are a decent size too, so the amount of sick and dribble you can catch with these makes them worth every penny!


These are double layer cloths, with inner and outer layers in organic cotton. It is extremely soft cotton.. the stitching is thorough and tiny. With two shades of beige reflecting the organic eco undyed theme, each cloth has a logo stitched on, and one side has a contrast of stripe and plain or plain and stripe. With the two shades, and the fact that these contrast details are reversed within the pair, that makes 4 subtle different designs, reflecting the designer feel of this range. I am interested to read that the stripes and colour differences can be made form the natural colours of cotton growing, as I didn’t know that. The inclusion of stripes and varied shades shows great attention to detail. The storage bag makes the product special, though I am not sure if they will actually end up being stored there, except maybe for one or two when out and about or travelling. However the bag adds to the designer look of them and makes them giftable for anyone wanting a slightly different but eminently useful baby gift. They are unisex too so would be an idea for a baby shower.

The family business clearly put a lot of importance to the ethos of their products, and the finishing touches. A final finishing touch is the pack of sweets. I wondered where they had appeared from at first, then realised they had popped out of the same parcel as the cloths.


Burp clothes came in the envelope through the post. It arrived fairly fast in the envelope. Once opened we’ve found a fabric bag with the burp clothes. Clothes are pretty long, super soft, with embroided label. Feels great, nice neutral colour. It was a gift for my friend who is expecting and she felt in love with the quality-stitches feels great, super soft items. Will be buying more as this is the item needed.
Great as a present for expecting or new mum.


I bought these for my 9 week old baby as I never seem to have enough soft cloths and muslins to keep up with all the milk dribbles and spit my little son seems to constantly spew up!

These cloths from Luvdbaby arrived super quickly despite not shipping out via Prime, and were very well packaged and presented.

They come in a lovely cotton bag which keeps them clean and free from dust and contaminants when you are out and about for the day.

The cloths themselves are gorgeously soft, made of undyed organic cotton, and are extremely soft. The weave is tight and the quality of cut and edging is not only lovely to look at, but also entirely soft for baby.

I would not hesitate in buying these again, absolutely fantastic!