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Luvdbaby are very proud to add this safety mirror to our ever expanding range of baby products. Parent to parent, we know that travel with your little Angel (or Devil) throws up all kinds of problems. We know that anything which reduces stress, adds, to safety, and ultimately makes the journey safer and happier for baby and parent.

Driving is all about safety, yours and your baby’s. You need to be able to see at a glance, if he/she is sleeping, happy, sick, content, or just simply looking out the window enjoying the trip.

We have developed a perfect size mirror which allows you to see all this without being a distraction. Our simple and easy to use design, allows you, the driver, to have the perfect angle to see everything, without straining your neck, or taking your eyes off the road ahead.

Ok, so let’s run through the boring stuff:

★ It’s made from 100% shatter proof glass

★ It’s light weight and gives a crystal clear panoramic view of your precious cargo

★ Adjustable straps allow the mirror to fit all head rests

★ Stays in place with its patented set once and lock thumb screw

Need a little extra?

Ok, how’s about two car cling sun shades for the windows. Ever driven anywhere with the sun causing babys eyes to squint?

If they ain’t happy, you’re gonna hear about it, and rightly so. These shades, shield the baby from harmful UV rays, and give a baby a much more pleasant trip, and you a more peaceful journey.

Less Distraction = Safer Driving

Still not happy? Don’t worry, we’ll throw in a money back guarantee, no fuss, no questions, no quibble no problem – you don’t like it, you don’t keep it- money back guaranteed.

So that’s it folks, we hope you love the mirror as much as we do. Every thought has gone into it, and we wish you nothing but safe and pleasant driving, mile after mile.


We wouldn’t put our tots at risk, nor should you. This mirror is 100% shatter proof. The mirror is also light weight and comes with 2 straps, and has a durable patented thumbscrew locking system. Position is once and this mirror is staying where you want it.


Get two free cling sun shades with our mirror. Block harsh UV rays, and stop the glare upsetting baby’s ride- we think of everything! Happy baby = Quiet baby!


Get a crystal clear view of your child. Your mirror will fit any headrest, and with its 100% adjustability, 2 straps holding it in place and a position lock mechanism, you are ensured of 100% visibility, and zero wobble


Practically zero set up time, means you can transfer from car to car in an instant. With your arms full, you don’t want to spend hours setting up, and adjusting. With the Luvdbaby mirror, you attach, and hit the road- safe and secure


 We have designed the perfect, hassle free safety mirror- but some people are just crazy ! If you don’t like it, return it and we will give you a refund. No questions, no hassle, no problem. We are so confident you’re gonna love it, we offer a full 100% money back guarantee.

Let me start by saying that I love this mirror ! I will tell you why in a few moments.

This item was received in a very professional looking box from Luvd baby. I personally haven’t heard of Lovd baby before but the product came with a card that stated that Luvd Baby is an Irish owned family business dedicated to developing innovative items for you and your baby. It also has a website where you can register your lifetime guarantee.

I will talk about the mirror first and then the sunshades. Both are very neat but we really like the mirror. This is not our first baby mirror for the vehicle. But this is so far my favorite. The main reason is simple, it moves! It is on a tilt. Now our previous mirror we purchased from our big box store was bigger, but it didn’t move. It was simply straped on the headrest and that was it. This mirror is strapped on as well to the headrest but you have complete control on which was to tilt the mirror. This is great, because you can go look in the center rear view mirror and see exactly how you need to tilt the mirror to see you little one at all times. The quality of this mirror seems great and I was very pleased.

Now the sunshades are an added bonus. These seem really nice but I won’t say to much good about it until I know rather they stay stuck on the window for long periods of time with changing temperature conditions. As of right now, they seem to function really good and I like that you don’t have to worry about sunction cups. This has two sides, you simply place the sticky like side onto the glass and it stays. It seems to be block out sunlight as intended to. I will assume at this point that they will stay in place, but I will update if they lose their stickiness in the future. And when I say stickiness, this doesn’t actually make your glass sticky it is more of a “cling” technology.

But with all that said, I believe the sunshades are a bonus and would purchase this product solely on the mirror itself because it is very good quality.


BACKGROUND: I’m a new mom and I found that driving in the car with your baby can be very stressful when you can’t see what your baby is doing or if they are okay, especially if they are crying or making an odd noise. My baby is 5 months old now and every time I’ve gotten into the car with her I say to myself that I need to get a mirror so I can see her. I put it off for a while because I read that they aren’t recommended sometimes because they can become projectiles in a car accident. But with this mirror I don’t think it’s possible for it to become a projectile with the way it attaches to the seat, which I’ll explain in detail shortly.

THE PRODUCT: This item comes with the mirror and 2 window shades. There are no instructions included, however, installation of both was quick and very self-explanatory.

MIRROR: The mirror easily attaches to the headrest of the seat that your child faces. It is secured in place by 2 clips making it impossible to come off without undoing one of the clips. The mirror itself is connected to a sturdy mount. The mount is adjustable so you can get the perfect viewing angle. The mirror is just the right size to get a good view of the whole car seat. It took me only a few minutes to clip it in and make the adjustments.

SHADES: The shades that come with the mirror are very nice and attach to the window in a unique way. There is a plastic “clingy” material on one side. Just press the clingy side onto the window and Ta-Da! All set. The clingy material isn’t paste or tape so there is no film left on the window when you peel it off. It’s also easily reapplied when taken off. I have a 2015 Jeep Cherokee and it fit the windows nicely.
I’m really glad I finally got a mirror for the car. Now I can rest easily knowing the baby is safe in the backseat even when if she’s crying or making a worrisome noise. The shades are also a nice bonus item. I like them better than the ones I already had. I would definitely recommend this to any of my friend with babies or young children that are still rear facing.

K. Pinion

Our not gonna BELIEVE THIS BUT I FOUND WHAT IVE BEEN LOOKING For A LONG TIME! This is a great mirror. Right out of the box I could tell the mirror was going to work well. The mirror is large enough so I can see my son from the front seat and he can look at himself and see me as well. It’s large enough that i can see him from the rear view mirror also. That’s good so I do not have to turn around a lot when I am driving. It’s very easy to install and adjust for any kind of headrest. It took me one minute to get it up and adjusted. It’s also super easy to take off one headrest and put onto another one. I have yet to find any cons for this mirror. It has definitely met my expectations. I would highly recommend this to a friend or family member. and PLUS it has an Free 2 Pack of Car Sun Shades… REALLY? what a GREAT DEAL!!! It is composed of 2 layers -one static cling side and one protective mesh that blocks 97% of the UV rays. It is fast and easy to use. Installs & folds in seconds. Has an extra shade to fold down and carry along in the compact stylish travel pouch. It has a bigger size and better coverage, offering better sun protection for children, pets ,adults and anyone bothered by the sun glare in the face and seeking uv protection. It keeps your car interior cooler, even if it sits in the sun for hours. It fits most car window making it the best car sun shade to match the baby infant car seats offering baby sun protection while allowing visibility. It is the best of all car gifts for anyone who is interested in interior car accessories , car window shade , window cling film and sunshade for car .


We LOVE this product! I admittedly had my doubts because it was so inexpensive, but went with it because of the good reviews. Chose this one over a more expensive one that was recommended to me but had poor reviews. So glad I did!
The mirror was easy to install and works great. It’s large and gives a clear view, easy to rotate/adjust. Is very secure on the headrest which is very comforting in the event of a suddenly stop or crash. It won’t go anywhere.
I was skeptical about the window shades and figured I just wouldn’t use them-I really only wanted the mirror anyway and the shades were just a bonus. Product was still less expensive with the shades so I figured whatever. When I opened them though I decided to give them a try and I was very surprised at how well they work! I even called out my sister and my husband to give them a demonstration! They are the cling-type, which I usually don’t like because you have to get them wet and push out all the bubbles. These you do not! You just stick them to the window as is. And they actually stick great! They are really secure! And they block out sunlight really well too. They are also great because you can remove them and restick them again and again, and they are just as secure each time.
Both the mirror and the window clings are great and I’m so glad I ordered this product. I even ordered a second one for my inlaws as a result!